I have found that as an adult (or wanna be) that I am getting set in my ways. I mean I can look at my parents and clearly see a daily routine that makes them flustered at the thought of not having that routine.. And I always told myself that they needed to loosen up a bit. I thought maybe they had been worn out in running my brother and I around growing up; maybe that’s why they were set in their routine. Not to mention sometimes their routine seemed to be the hard way of doing things.. Why wait until Saturday the one free day of the week to work.. ect. Not to forget – I appreciate that everyone has what works for them and they have been beautifully married for way more years than I could ever imagine. But it hit me this morning, I AM BECOMING ONE OF THEM. I am becoming a routine person. Like my mother and father I get irritated when things don’t go according to “schedule”. Now please understand I have always been a planner. Hell, I could probably even tell you my unborn childrens names, after I tell you where I want to live in 6 years. It’s pathetic how much of a planner I like to be. In saying this I learned yesterday that sometimes a routine is selfish. Sometimes it is worth not having laundry done, house picked up, dishes put away yadda yadda yadda.. Sometimes the quality time of helping a friend move, or getting to spend the time you’d put into chores or rest, into someone else; it can be rewarding. Granted, I wanted to throw a temper tantrum when I couldn’t just be done and leave because i was tired, i needed rest, i was tired of helping. Or why am I up on a SATURDAY before i’d get up on a work day?! Why would I not sleep until whenever I wanted, its Saturday. Why should not be a question of why am I breaking my routine for other people. Contrary to that, I should be thinking WHY am i not more willing to help others?! So why am I whining and not supporting someone? Why am I so selfish to whine; when I was still in bed by 10:30..  So if anything I learned this weekend is to appreciate the time I have for myself, but not to be any kind of upset about breaking my schedule if it is for good reason. I must put into the relationships i have whether that be my brother and his family or my best friends..

Lastly, I would like to let you know that I am NOT a “goodmorning!” person. I almost feel as if I have autism because it almost feels like it hurts me to look at peoples faces and say goodmorning back. Well, actually I don’t. I said “hey”. I am admitting that I am socially inappropriate in the mornings, and no part of me wants to say “good morning” ever. Good afternoon.. different story.