Sometimes something can take your whole heart before you even realize you gave it away..

Each day for the past 3 weeks or so I have tried to find the good in the day. And today, I realized the things I think I am waiting to happen for my WHOLE LIFE.. are happening. I know I have said this a million times but where ever you are BE ALL there. Lately I have tried my best to be ALL in each day. Not sitting at my desk planning the weekend, my engagement, my wedding, my children’s names, ect.. And no that wasn’t me being dramatic – that is real life. I have really tried to pay attention to my encounters with people, and get the most out of each day..  I have had a handful of precious 90 year olds in my office the last few days and I knew today wouldn’t be much different..

so let me share with you the things that i’ve been waiting for that happened before 3:00PM.

its 3:02 a sweet lady is sobbing in front of me because something has gone wrong with her mothers medicaid. she spent the last few months trying to get finances together to be her mothers person. To make sure she was fed, bills were paid, ect.. And the day things are supposed to be resolved. She cold. She is sad. And rude. I sit here in complete silence, trying to send some sort of telepathic hug to this woman.

it’s 12:12 PM I am feeling on top of the world as I walk out of the hospital. I see a mother struggling to keep her stroller from rolling away from her as she organizes her trunk. I nonchalantly walk towards my car with a slight detour to see if she needed help. As soon as I got close to the stroller this little 4 year old stuck his blonde head out of the stroller and started laughing at me and pointing.. I said HEY BUDDY! .. Long and the short but I realize this little boy i’d never even met with down syndrome had stolen my heart in a matter of 1 second- green sneakers and all.. There is a certain part of me that feels the most love i’ve ever felt when I am playing, having a conversation, or even just around a downs child. My heart was really really happy.

it’s 11:45 AM I can’t find a dang parking place at Children’s hospital, I am sweating, I am trying to look like the best care taker and most responsible person in the parking lot. I check my lip gloss, get my note pad and walk as fast paced as I can to my interview. I walk in the WRONG door and some lady yells “hey maam you can’t go in there” oh well great. Where can folks go in lady?! Find my interview lady and reach out my hand only to hold it there for at least an awkward 32 seconds before she said OH SORRY i am sick. I immediately forgave her as I saw she had some real cute glasses on. Story goes on she asks me everything besides my blood type and we agree that I need to be apart of Children’s Hospital. Booyah!

it’s 8:23AM I am starving – no breakfast in my desk. I forgot eyeliner and mascara – great. Thank God I made it to work on time. I am not certain i have deodorant on.. This interview is going to be interesting if I stink. Oh great.

it’s 7:56AM oh I love this song.. (dreaming) oh crap oh crap that song isnt in my dream thats my alarm. I bet it’s 6:40.. Oh it says 7:56AM? That must be wrong. I set my alarm. Oh shoot. Panic. Up-shower-dog out- clothes on- out the door!