ImageSometimes children’s innocent comments make you really think about how simple life can and should be. My little nugget niece drew this for me while I cleaned my kitchen. She followed me into my bathroom as I went to put some shoes up.. and written on my bathroom mirror I have ” BE BRAVE”. It is the beginning of my favorite and most useful verse from psalm 31:24 ” Be Brave. Be strong. Expect God to be there soon. She said ” Hey why do you have stuff written on your mirror?” I told her that it’s somewhere I can be reminded of something at least twice a day. She said “Oh, so you need to remind yourself to be brave?” I stopped doing whatever I was doing and I said Bent do you ever have times where you aren’t very brave? She said.. Yeah, I guess so. I said what do you do during those times? She said “I am just not brave then”.. I said don’t you see that we all have sometimes have to be reminded of things we aren’t very good at? She said.. “mmm ya, thats pretty smart. But you could just be brave all the time”.. I laughed at her and then she brought me this picture. She said “look its us” and I loved it OF COURSE. I guess in a childs mind there is only concrete things. Either you like pickles or you don’t.. You either you want to do something or you dont.. There’s no what ifs or explanation to why.. its just “because i do”. I wish I could live more like that..  Less influence from outside sources, just do, eat,act, say the things I feel or like. Granted, she can put on the water works and get her way.. I have found in the real world that doesn’t quite work. But it made me think of the way adults lives are so complicated with what if’s and maybe, or outside opinions. God called us to live right. If I need to be brave, why should I ever not be? If I need to workout, why would I not? I wish my adult life could get back to the simple. Children are so wise in their own little way.. I love the little people in my life. We can learn so much from them, it’s surprising.