Do you ever have those days that you simple don’t care how silly it may seem you just want to stay in your pjs?! Today.. was my day. I have been supa busy this week. Last night I had my childrens hospital orientation. I am really excited about getting to spend some quality time with those kids. Last night was a wake up call though, some of those kids don’t leave and their parents never get to take them back home and live a normal life. THAT must be tough.. like really tough. As a 20-something I get excited at the thought of my children and having babies. I can’t begin to understand how I would deal with losing one. Sheesh.  I am thankful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to learn something new from some little people.

On a different note.. I have spread myself so thin lately that I am about to do the head smash on the key board. Our office isn’t super busy today.. There aren’t any pressing issues demanding my attention. Though honestly, I wish I would snap out of it and get busy so the day would fly by.

I am out of clever words..

1. my  pants are basically pajama jeans but black work pants… comfortable X2 -aeae2. I have a bumpin’ headache
3. Did it get winter over night?
4. I am on the verge of a temper tantrum today (( look out baby daddy things could get nuts if i ever get preggo))
5. I craved fried chicken all morning and now I am craving apple sauce.. ((see above))
6. It never fails the days i dont put on fancy makeup and do something super with my hair – a hott attorney comes in.. cool
7. I lost my apartment key twice yesterday. and clearly my brain too.
8. There are some weird ducks in this world y’all.
9. My shoes remind me of PRINCE.. he would wear them and sing raspberry beret in them.
10. Tonight I will not hangout with anyone because I am going to make myself do chores. always cool.
11. I have made my bed for 5 consecutive days BEFORE work. Hail ya.
12. I am missing my brothers little people terribly this week.
13. What if I am maybe feeling that pathetic “i want to be a stay at home mom” feeling lately. I want to have lots of precious nuggets running around and be losing my ever loving mind cheaper by the dozen style.. Good thing its only a thought.. Right?

I need for the weekend to make its self in the present before I do a head smash on my key board..