Okay so I know I am not the only one who watched the CMA’s and had no one but my sweet dog to rant and rave about outfits.. Not that my opinion about what Carrie is really important to anyone else. But I feel like if you are at this blog you just might care to hear how much I am in love with Blake & Miranda, or how bad I can’t stand to look at Brad Paisley. Even though I love his last name and ironically some of his music – can’t watch him.

So if you don’t want to hear my thoughts.. throw it in reverse now and go back to msn…

1. Jason Aldean can sing in a way that sings to my soul – but why did he have such a pouty face all night? Really?

2. I primarily watch most popular events to look at outfits or dresses.. my favorite goes to Jennifer Nettles. Girl is brave, and super hot. If I had her body I might just dress identical to her.

3. How cute was Pdiddy on stage? Oh wait.. CMAS?! not R&BMA’s? Nothing cute about having diddy there.

4.Carrie Underwood.. Please discuss some new outfits with your stylist. We get it you have kick ass legs.. but that outfit wasn’t doing it.

5. Darius Rucker, ONCE YOU GO BLACK.. you know the rest. And you singing whatever you were- made me want to never come back.

6. Keith Urban.. Why are you wearing makeup? I don’t get it? Did i miss something? He is hot enough without it.. RIiiiight?

7. Yall do realize that this was TSwift’s 1 opportunity to twerk and act a dang fool on stage like ol Miley.. I salute you Taylor. You are honestly a great role model for girls. And i’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy the RED album after a breakup and it slightly changed my life.

8. Robin Roberts – girl. You are a hero. She looks good and well. Good choice to have her on there for sure.

9. Faith. Listen. As a girl who has big ears I know first hand you cannot wear the bangs back pony tail. Then again.. you look beautiful and sound like an angel AND not to mention are married to one so.. get it girl.. do whatever you want to do, just because you can.

10. Talk about some instant anxiety.. I feel like Brantley Gilbert needed to think twice before he left the house.. (Hyde?)

11. Band perry = cute

12. Florida G. Line.. reminds me a little bit of staind or nickleback sometimes but i’ll be the first to tell you i love them with my whole heart..
13. Long & the short is.. I liked it better than the mtv music awards, duh. So many talented people.

On the other hand.. I just had black coffee, water, and dried plums (( be real i had prunes)) for breakfast because they are “healthy”.. All they made me want to do is drive to the closest dollar menu and order at least 4 doll hairs worth of breakfast. Is this what 25 looks like? Last night I had a MOMENT. I realized I was sitting with my knees in my sweatshirt (( my mother would have flipped)) drinking apple juice, watching cops. If anyone else had walked in they might just tell me to grow up. But shortly after cops was over i passed out like toddler accidental nap.. I woke up so rested and ready to take on some laundry. I did 2 loads ((BOOYAH)) like a responsible person. Got my work clothes ready and went to bed not too long after. I think I am becoming more and more comfortable with myself. I know I know. I have had 25 years I should be more than okay with myself. But for the first time in a long time I was OKAY not lonely living alone not wishing someone would make my dinner ((even though i did eat expired cheese)) or need someone to text me or call me and check on me. Last night I was good with me. It’s nice..

Last thing.. two of my favorite people Tim & Emily Loerkey have a nugget in the making. I have never seen a couple who lives so happily married.. Congratulations to them.. Can’t wait to see Emily with a big belly in her short alls!