ImageOkay, so I know most of you who know me are thinking I am about to get going about “For everthing there is a season” speech.. AND i SO could. But I am not going there because I went there recently. I am however going to vent today. I am going to vent because I feel like the rest of the world is missing something. Am I the only one who really appreciates Thanksgiving? Maybe as much as Christmas? I was with my mom in Belk over the weekend and Train came on the radio “Shake up Christmas” which is fine. I love the song so it immediately got my attention. I looked at Kit and I said HELLO!? Why are people rushing Christmas and leaving out Thanksgiving? Of course she is pretty used to me going off on random arguments about things that she doesn’t really care about. But she simply just said “well Sara it’s that season, getting people ready for Christmas”.. OF course that wasn’t a good enough answer for me because it wasn’t even DECEMBER. Are we (every age) skipping a season of THANKFULness to hurry up and get to Christmas because we want want want? What is more important getting a time set aside to be thankful, and see our family? I know a lot of people who see Thanksgiving holiday as the time to get fueled up for BLACK FRIDAY so they can get their families the best gifts FOOOORRRR CHRRRISTMAS!

Over the weekend I also went to LURTON ASSEMBLY of GOD church.. Now I will be honest with you it is in BFE and I had no idea what to expect. After turning down a road, chicken houses lining the sides, we come to a normal church building. The sermon was about being THANKFUL, which was kind of a given I know.. but still. I am really trying to be THANKFUL and I don’t mean I am updating my facebook status each day as to what I am thankful for… I think THANKSGIVING is a season we should live in. And by all means listen to your Christmas music on November 1st, but for the love of God please just take a moment every day (not just in November) to be thankful for the things you have..

I am just saying folks.. you can be thankful for a lot of things you take for granted.. Coffee creamer, warm shoes, your ability to hear, ability to speak, the opportunity to make money, independence, toot paste, great people in your life, brighter lights at work, your dog, the moments when you wake and realize you have an hour more of sleep, the feeling of 4:55PM on a Friday, the right to choose who you marry, country music, earrings that match. Ya dig?

Be thankful because you have more than you know. And QUIT RUSHING CHRISTMAS.