ImageWell I thought today was going to be a snow day.. Guess I shouldn’t have even gotten in my feelings about 1 a day off of work or 2 Arkansas weather. That’s neither here nor there.. I am at work. But I am going to get on my soap box for one tiny moment about the holidays. Now, I know you are thinking lady you already yapped about Thanksgiving being a holiday.. But this rant is more or less what the holidays mean to me and how I see the TG & Christmas..

1. Black Friday is of the devil. Yes, I understand you can maybe camp out and get a new xbox for like 100 dollhairs cheaper, but you’re underestimating that wonderful turkey coma that everyone takes in the living room post face stuff. You might miss that family time someday. I know I would.

2. Christmas isn’t your birthday you brat. Quit acting like you deserve an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. You don’t. That’s not what it’s about ok?!

3. It’s potluck season at work. Y’all… be real what is better than a potluck? I love the variety and the fact that i can eat stuffing AND chicken spaghetti with pinterest inspired cupcakes.. Take it from a girl who thrives off of contention breakfast and potlucks.. when you don’t cook well a potluck or two will make the holidays worth looking forward to.

4. I love my job, I really do! But what i really love is one or two days off of work. I love short weeks. To you college kids – you’re life IS a day off of work savor it.

5. I am 25 – someday throwing some running shorts and a sweatshirt in a bag to hurry to get to mommas house won’t cut it. Someday I will be married and possibly have nuggets to get ready too. Baby clothes, husbands clothes, all that shiz. Right now I am thankful because I can seriously throw some clothes in matching or not and hurry to my mommas house..

6. Family time. I think it’s silly how some people say “oh the holidays are so stressful, I gotta cook, clean, entertain, yadda yadda” No.. you don’t. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. And every single year you can sit in one room with your whole family, appreciate it. It’s not a time to stress about cleaning up, that can be done later. It’s about quality time that you might not get to spend throughout the year. Parents are getting older, our 20-something lives are getting busier, and it’s not every day you can see more than one family member at a time.

7. Last one I swear.. I think a lot of people see new years as a time to reflect on the year.. I don’t. Christmas is that for me. This christmas for example we have a new member in our family, one that a year ago wasn’t even in the plan yet. It’s exciting yet scary to think who or what the next Christmas attendance could look like. I remember last year I was spending every hour at youth home, loving my life but spending no time with my own family. This year I can go home and love on my own family, and for that I am thankful.


Okay, that’ll do. Be safe traveling brave ones..enjoy your family and kiss the babies..