adorable old couple <3

I always like to give credit where it’s due.. Recently I read “The real truth about ‘boring’ men- and the women who live with them” and I was really impressed. Ann Voskamp, great article sister. Reading this article  made me think of one man in my life… My dad. Don’t get me wrong my parents are from a different generation, which my mom reminds me of almost daily. In saying that, understand that in their time there weren’t a million you tube videos of mastermind proposal videos, there weren’t pinterest boards created with the anticipation of moms wedding, and there certainly was no need for social media in the midst of their proposal. Dad did not post it to fb, mom did not upload a picture to Instagram, nor did she blog about the fairy tale she was living. My dad did just what he knew he wanted to do he said something along the lines of “so you wanna get married”… And then my mom picked out a few rings and he chose the most beautiful of them all, and they were engaged. Please know, I am so thankful for that non-viral moment shared between JUST them. I appreciate the value of their generation. I think we as 20-somethings can look at today’s world from a different perspective; and in some cases that’s a really great thing. BUT I guess my point is there is something RIGHT about the way things “used to be”. My parents have been married 36 years. I am sure not every single one of those years were fairytale land and happiness, but doesn’t it say something about them as a person to give someone else 36 years? Today’s divorce rate is SCARY. And I am not saying that in my parents generation there weren’t couples getting divorced, and doing things the wrong way.. But as a 20-something I can really appreciate the simplicity of courting, engagement, and marriage. My mom was 18.. Yall, 18. Be real if I was married when I was 18 I would have had approximately 27 divorces by now. But that’s just it. It was right for them. They made a sacrifice. Looking at their lives prospectively they chose what they wanted, they committed to it, and they have lived what true marriage is supposed to look like. My dad has his faults, but what man doesnt?! My mother, well she is a gem if I have ever seen one but everyone has their ugly. I think our generation could learn a lot from the 50-somethings. I am not saying fashion advice, don’t get it twisted.

I spent some time when I was home over Thanksgiving talking to mother about her and my dads relationship; it was really refreshing. I guess at 25 mom can talk to me like I am an adult now, and its nice. Not only did she give advice but she talked about a beautiful relationship that will last the rest of her life. I do post exciting pictures to facebook, instagram ect.. but that is not my point. My point is that simplicity and commitment are key. Now days I have found that people don’t see relationships as a black and white thing.. and it SO is. Yes, I want to upload a picture of my hot husband someday.. but thats not why I will have him. There is so much to be said about a man and woman who their actions justify their words.

“Romance isn’t measured by how viral your proposal goes. The Internet age may try to sell you something different, but don’t ever forget that viral is closely associated with sickness — so don’t ever make being viral your goal.”

I am not looking to get married tomorrow and it might be very contradicting that I am saying this via social media, but I am excited to be with the “boring romantic” and have years and years well spent with someone..

soapbox complete.