| thankful |

And some days you just have to be thankful, because it’s all you can be..

I am thankful for electricity. I would hate to be iced-in and cold, too.
I am thankful for good people. My brother, his family, Ren, and my parents have all made me think how lucky I am to have them.
I am thankful for seasonal underwear. I find it only appropriate to wear your season.. Polar bears, jingle bells, surf boards.. whatev
I am thankful for long walks. Today, I had 2 walks, the last was the most enjoyable. Something about the world feels right when my boots are keeping my feet warm and dry, the air is crisp, and the word is quiet.
I am thankful for my awful Christmas decor. Something about Christmas lights and a sad little empty tree make it homey in my apartment.
I am thankful for music. Lame-o right? No.. There is no better feeling that putting on your favorite jams and dancing a jig alone. Not to mention when that song comes on pandora that makes you feel like home, or makes the world feel alright. I like that.
I am thankful for a day off of work. I walked in the sleet to work this morning, which wasn’t bad. I didn’t spend much time, but when I got home I was productive. I love days that include seeing family, chili, 590 loads of laundry, a nap, and plenty of other activities ALL in one day!

I could go on all night.. cookie dough, my new book, egg NOG, my dog, snapchats, my brothers kids, sierra nevada, coffee, heating pads, ect… Tonight was a chance for me to really take a break and realize that what i have.. is in fact enough.. I am thankful for that.

Keep warm birdies, it’s too cold outside.