1. If you don’t like who you are, be a better version of you.
2. Lessons learned are sometimes most truly learned the hard way.
3. No ONE can make you ultimately happy, that is your choice.
4. People are selfish naturally, you must choose selflessness.
5. Find what helps you be productive, and do just that.
6. Some people don’t care if they are ugly to others.. That’s their issue, not yours.
7. It’s okay to love what you love, regardless of what others think.
8. Being 100 % you is makes you .. YOU.. don’t stop.
9. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it.
10. Everyone has a difference personality, they might just not be a hugger.
11. Don’t hate anyone. Even if you try, I can assure you they don’t care if you do anyway.
12. It’s best to keep your mouth shut, rather than open it and say something ugly.
13. Anticipation is the best and worst part of most situations.
14. Find what makes you happy, even if its coffee with extra creamer, and drink it.
15. Sometimes the little things are bigger than we know.