Okay, Okay.. So I am not REALLY a grinch. I am quite honestly the opposite of a grinch. I have yet to really get into the Christmas spirit though.. I don’t have anyone to share my Christmas tree with, and I have spent the last few days in my house alone with my dog. BUT then.. it hit me. I was driving around, I clicked on Klove station. (no I didn’t call this story into k love). One of my favorite songs by Jeremy Camp came on and I didn’t hit next it like usual. I continued to drive listening to it looking at Christmas lights and I felt myself getting emotional. Not in the “oh i am crying because I am being a dramatic girl”, but it was almost as if I felt the ultimate happy. Strep throat, pjs on, phone on silent, granny glasses on, driving 30 mph, I felt okay. I haven’t had that moment in a long time; whether its God, or just everything in life all the sudden feels good.. either way. I had one of those.

From this I thought about the things that I love the most. What was I thankful for? The lights that were thrown on a house, with an outrageous blow up thing? No. I realized in that moment that I have a lot. No, I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet (whoa). No, I don’t have a husband. No, I don’t have any children. I have really great relationships. I have a really great job. I have really good parents, and a wonderful family. But what I do have is what matters. I have 2 parents that love me, a brother with a wonderful little crazy family. I have few but really great friends. I have a wonderful work environment. But more importantly I have a future. I am not sure where in the world I will be in a year. I can’t tell you who will even be in my life then. Though part of that scares me, it’s also super exciting.

I think the holidays are hard on a lot of people.. For many reasons. I know personally my mom stresses because she feels as if she has to feed and entertain everyone that comes to the house. For my dad, he stresses just having the house out of order and kids running like maniacs. I stress just because….. I always do.. But it’s all silly. It’s those times that are the best. Having all of the family under one roof is something that doesn’t happen very often, and for that I am definitely thankful..

So, for the next two days I have a chaotic schedule. Work – christmas shop – madea christmas movie (hal-a-lew-yer) – pack – run home have christmas- come back -work… and it wont happen again until next year.

Moral of the story peeps, if you get emotional during this season – welcome it. Be thankful for the family time, the overeating, the late nights, the rush.. it’s all so wonderful. It truly is the best time of the year.