the boo and the boy: playing dress up
1. Wearing clothing that is not the norm… If you want to wear tights as pants that does not mean you have to explain that they are comfortable, suck everything in, yadda yadda. Wear your tights and high top shoes.

2. Being non emotional or overly emotional… No tears or lack there of warrant an explanation. A solid ugly cry is necessary once in a while, and not being emotional is sometimes the best feeling in the world.

3. Work or choice of career… A career does not define you as a human. If you want to join the circus OR be a heart surgeon, your choice does not warrant a response of why you love what you do.

4. Not wanting or wanting to have children at 25. You either do or you don’t; you owe no one an explanation of either.

5. Not doing something. Whether it be your hair, your makeup, or whatever it might be, you owe nothing to anyone when you decide not to do your hair. Even if “you didn’t have time, the weather messed it up, or just just simply were too lazy”.

6. Your choice in significant others. From tattoos to bow ties, whatever you prefer that is what is yours to prefer. You can quit feeling guilty for not dating the type you were “supposed” to be dating.

7. Going out with friends. You don’t need a reason to meet up and have mexican food and margaritas with your friends, it doesn’t have to be someones birthday to eat bad, it doesn’t have to be the end of the hardest week.. It can be just because…

8. To want something that isn’t happening in your life.. It doesn’t mean you are crazy that you want to be married and aren’t, or you want a baby and you aren’t even dating anyone.. Life is life and you want what you want, and that’s normal.

9. To want time alone. Whether it be time to read, write, or go for a run; nothing has to be explained when you need time to yourself.

10. Doing things for yourself. It can be a reward, or a fix to your bad day; no one has to understand WHY you choose to take 10 minutes to do something nice for yourself once in a while.

11. To not want the “norm” of your later 20’s. We are constantly reminded via social media that the normal person who is 25 is supposed to have ______ in their life. If you don’t have or want those things, you shouldn’t have to explain that to anyone.

12. Having a drink.

13. Sleep.

14. Being catholic, baptist, non religious. You are what you are for a reason. No one but you should honestly tell you that you are wrong in believing what you believe.

These things coming from someone who knows exactly how it feels to have someone ask why I wore something, why I chose to date someone, chose to wear glasses instead of contacts, I could go on all day.. Ultimately at the end of the day, I think it is nice to be able to say I am happy with the things in my life. I read somewhere this morning some expectations for 25 year olds, and honestly thought it was total crap. I will justify things when they warrant a response. However, I have gotten to a comfortable place and accept that there are some things that I will do, say or want, that are just because I said so…

Put on a coat little birds, its TOO cold outside.