Okay so I know I am not the only person who has had a day or two where you just want to NOT do something so you can spend time doing stuff for yourself. Today, for example, is Thursday and I hate Thursdays. I dislike Thursdays because I am always super busy, super tired from the monday – wednesday, and super behind on things such as laundry. Today, I was in my feelings about silly things, was doing monotonous work 8-5, and basically ready to go home and go to bed. Long story short I entertained skipping my shift volunteering at ACH because I was… selfish.. I was selfish and wanted to paint my toe nails and rest. But, being an adult now, I knew I needed to get my shit together and go anyway. SO without dinner and with a bad attitude, I went. My first patient tonight was a girl with Down syndrome. For those of you that know me you know that’s easily one of my weaknesses. I love children in general but downs is beyond my favorite type of child to spend time with… so there was that.. Then I spent some time with a nonverbal boy. I mean how lucky can a girl get? Needless to say, he was so entertaining and so intelligent. I think its easy to conclude that children make my heart happy. Not only was it a humbling night, but to think of putting laundry and rest before spending time with children who need me much much more than my laundry does. I love life checks. I love moments to grow, and tonight was one of those moments.  Now, I can rest. I can enjoy my weekend and remember nights like tonight the next time I feel like NOT doing something.