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I think God has a funny way of putting things into perspective. My preachers newest series is themed ” Be real”, ironically a phrase i love, and use with my friends regularly (immediately interested). I honestly prefer the practice of being blunt, cut to the chase, direct, candid, frank.. whatever you want to call it. I think at 25, I have really come to understand being real, because I don’t want to waste my time with anything other. There are a number of things I have (a list, of course) come to realize; between the sermon and some thought.

1. You should aim for everything in your life. That goes for any part of your life. Aim for the checked off to do list, further education,job you want, relationship you desire, car, cooking skills, juggling, whatever it is it needs to be aimed for. By aim I mean direct your path, not live divert, or apathetically.

2. Align your actions with your words and/or intentions. This seems so simple, yet as society has changed the course of this completely.  If your intentions are that you care, don’t talk ugly. It’s so silly to me to see grown people wanting something, yet showing behavior that they actually don’t actually want it. Make it simple, or you won’t ever have what you want. It’s like really wanting  or “trying” to learn a foreign language, but not doing anything at all to acquire the language. Or you want to lose weight, but you don’t change your diet or exercise.

3. Where ever you are, be all there.

4. Sometimes, most times, it is good to have a plan. We all end up somewhere, but wouldn’t it be nice to have arrived at a place you enjoy or desired? I have a hard time with this. It’s just part of my personality that I need to make a list for just about every single thing in my life, and plan the desired outcome of everything. I have found that making a list whether it be of pros/cons, tasks, goals, things I want to do in the future, whatever it is.. it’s best to lay it out on paper and visually see what I want. I can’t tell you how many breakups, solid work days, packing for trips, bucket lists, tests passed, and serious decisions I have made by planning. I have also ruined a lot of super exciting things because I wanted to plan it all out in my head, and not just go with things. But realistically, it’s okay to know where you want to be and find your way of keeping yourself on track to arrive at that desired location.

5. Time is of the essence, make the most of it. I could go a number of ways with this. Whether it’s time you take to talk to your boss, or spending time with your brother. Making the most out of every minute is what makes the minutes worth having. A person in my life just lost her mom, and our other friend is dealing with her mothers battle with cancer. Yes, those are extreme examples of time in which people can’t get back, or that they are wanting more. Either way, it has put into perspective as the outside party that time is super important. Whether it’s the time you take getting to know the sweet 90 year old client at work, or slowing down enough to enjoy a good song on the radio. You never know when you might look back on a moment with someone or something and wish it had been spent differently.

6. Know what you want. At 25, I pretty much know my opinion on most things. Whether it’s abortion, drugs, politics, religion, red or white wine, or how I want my meat cooked.. It’s nice to know what you believe in or prefer and be able to say so. Being the over-sharer that I am, I am sure I could use some slowing down when it comes to this topic. My friends sometimes think it’s pretty entertaining when we go out to eat, or shopping. I am not picky, I just know now what I prefer. The silliest moment that made me realize it is okay to know what you believe in and it’s okay to say so was about 4 months ago. I dated this guy for about 5 minutes, and when I asked him if he believed in Bible he said “I do, but I question it. Dinosaurs aren’t in the Bible, and that’s kind of a huge part to forget”. While this is quite entertaining for someone like myself, it made me think about it. Yes, dinosaurs are left out, and why have I never questioned that? I know that’s an erroneous example, but I think there is something wonderful about someone knowing exactly how they feel and what they want.

I am not a soothsayer, nor am I educated enough to understand how life works at 25 years old. I know that I have some incessant desire to be better at doing life every day. I might be too outspoken, think too much about stuff, and make a billion unnecessary lists, but that’s the way I am doing this thing.