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As you all know I have an opinion about everything, but I am not sure how I feel about Valentines day. I see these commercials of couples in some kind of super duper love – and that’s sweet. My boyfriend in 4th grade was the first boy to give me a present, Mackenzie B. (we had matching bowl cuts) gave me a  limited too red tshirt. I remember getting so embarrassed at the idea of even liking something a boy gave me. I have received the weirdest gifts for this holiday. I have had some super wonderful dates and some not so great dates on this day. I have this unnecessary want to give presents 24-7, so I love holidays like this. Honestly, any holiday that allows me to make some sort of craft, buy a funny card, or drink wine.. I am going to participate.. Honestly though I love the idea of love for sure. Cutesy cards and all that are wonderful, and quite frankly ALWAYS appropriate in my opinion. So when it comes to Valentines day, I think I will give in yet again. I am not however for commercials with horrible heart jewlery. Or some cliche` valentines day proposal (yack). However, I am in favor of the inappropriately sexual and funny cards. I have received things from pink crocs or ballin’ jewelry to tampons or cupcakes.  Dates ranging from renting out a side of a restaurant to all but propose- to real life stood me up after I spent 2 hours getting ready. So, at 25, I might be a little hesitant to get jazzed but I will always celebrate ANY holiday. So, will I participate this year? Yes.

I will say that men have it so easy. Men have most holidays a bit easier than women because flowers and your attention for an hour, we’re sold. We are super easy. Not to mention this little obsession I have recently acquired :: pinterest. You want to know anything about her, go there. Women… however get to play guess who for days to find something he might or might not have already bought himself.

So, single – taken – not even sure – go do something for valentines day. Even if that something is buying yourSELF some cupcakes.. or hanging out with someone you care about; just do it. And if you get stood up, or receive something real nuts, just know it makes for a good story later on.

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