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After a conversation with my family and best friend, a good run, and a solid few hours of cleaning I have come to the conclusion that women in their 20’s don’t know their worth. And if they do, they sure don’t treat themselves accordingly. If they did, men wouldn’t be surprised when a woman expects to be treated right.

How you treat another person is a direct reflection of how you feel about YOURSELF.

If you are insecure, that is your problem. Figure it out. Realize it’s selfish to be insecure.

Know your worth. When I say worth, I don’t mean what you mean to a man, only. I mean know what it means to respect yourself. Know that the surface level relationships are actually relation-shits. Be proud to be a woman who expects respect. I am not saying act ugly, because that is NEVER cute. Have tact. But know that you were beautifully made.

It’s not pride- it’s self respect.

There is a huge difference between high maintenance, and having standards.

No one is perfect, male or female. But I will say, someone who knows their worth treats other people with respect and understands that they too are worthy.

At the end of the day, character doesn’t change. If you are trying to do well in your life, profession, whatever.. you can’t do people wrong. That crap will catch up with you. So for the love of God, just do good things with good intentions.

Honesty is the best policy, always.

Men of this generation have some twisted idea of what women should be to them. Men, someday your daughter will come home. Tears in her eyes and no words. You will lose sleep over the thought of someone hurting her feelings, let alone breaking her heart. Don’t be that guy now.

Women, if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand. Don’t marry a man you wouldn’t want a son just like. And most definitely don’t date or marry a man you’d never want your daughter to be with…

Keep it simple. Be happy. And know that you are truly something that is worthy of being treated appropriately.