1. You can never be overdressed.
2. Don’t make any decisions at night.
3. Lip stick is something you can do, trust me.
4. If you are a beer drinker, drink beer.
5. It’s okay to know what you like, and only prefer that.
6. Do everything on purpose.
7. Find your own happiness even if it’s not the norm.
8. Read books. Lots of books.
9. Always, always, take your face makeup off before bed.
10. Have standards when it comes to everything, men, work, clothing.
11. Stand up for yourself.
12. Find what you believe in, and live by it.
13. You cannot ever fix or change a man.
14. Mint chip and red wine sometimes actually do make things feel better.
15. Never let them see you cry. But please, cry when you feel like it.
16. Mean what you say.
17. Music and a good book are a cure to any emotion.
18. Find your passion, and pursue it.
19. Take as much time as you need, for yourself.
20. Teeny bikinis are never classy.
21. Black is always a safe choice to wear.
22. If you must get drunk, be smart, only with your girl friends.
23. If you ever breakup with them, do not take them back. Ever.
24. Floss.
25. You will someday have a bad habit or two, always maintain control and ditch them sooner than later.
26. You only get one set of teeth, brush em sister.
27. There is nothing cute about dumb.
28. You will never be a professional athlete, let’s be reasonable.
29. Some things actually do taste as good as skinny feels.
30. Moderation in moderation, yes, even moderation.
31. If you must do something permanent such as a tattoo or a child, wait until the time is appropriate.
32. Pursue a career, not a husband.
33. If you have a crappy boss, get a new job.
34. Don’t dwell on things you cannot change.
35. Naps are okay, no matter how old you are.
36. Be nice to women. There are enough brats in the world, be sweet.
37. Don’t lie to me. Ever. Even if I don’t want to hear the truth.
38. Don’t waste time doing things like folding panties.
39. If you don’t like someone, that’s okay.
40. Don’t be ugly to anyone. It’s not worth it.