I have determined being single 20-something today can be difficult, but it has its benefits. I am always talking about things I love about being in a relationship. But today I am enjoying the good things about only accounting for one.

I always see couples doing things all the time, and think about how I would love doing those things but I don’t really have a boyfriend.

Restaurants I’d like to try, patios at coffee shops, trails I want to walk, bike rides I would like to go on, meals I would like to cook, games I want to play, brunches to attend, churches to attend, holiday party’s and family functions, cokes I want to split, snow days to share, chores to be checked off the list, trips to the store, new jobs to celebrate for on a Thursday night, new cars to test drive, I could clearly go on all day with things I have always thought were best done with a signif other.

Lately, I have done all of those activities, plus 100 more single. And I can honestly say.. I am okay . Believe it or not, even celebrating a new job by my self- it was a hella great celebration. Granted, I will really enjoy when I have a person to attend church with, and share life with- but for right now… I am actually enjoying sitting on the patio of a restaurant, alone.