I hate to write about cliche things, but with mothers day approaching I figured I might as well give my two cents. The past few days I have read some well written articles about mothers, and I have read some pretty hilarious ones as well. Anyone who knows me I cannot take anything in my free time too seriously, so I am certain there will be great, bad, and funny parts to this..


I think it’s important first for me to point out that just because a woman has a child, that doesn’t mean she is a MOTHER, that means she is the biological mother. There is a big difference between those two types of moms. I am fortunate to say, I have a mother who is more than my biological mother. She is more than half of my genes.


See, my mother is the type that ran herself to death just so I could have a home-made halloween costume, or make sure our ball uniforms were clean and ironed, or the type who would stay up all night with me sick even as an adult and still function the next day with a smile on her face. Don’t get me wrong- my mother has a hard job sometimes. My brother and I both have given her a run for her money. But, at the end of the day she is one of my people. She texts me back even when I tell her my hysterical un-lady like adventures in life.. She is the type that still puts up with my attitude and tells me when I need a nap. She will still entertain 2 hour conversations about my love life (or lack there of). She is set in her ways, and I have come to appreciate this in a strange way. In her opinion “Jesus is the only way in life” and she is so right. She will never vote for the democratic party –  even if Jesus Christ himself ran.. She is by the book – in all ways. She ALWAYS has an opinion, and whether or not you want it she is gonna give it.. She still gets on to me when I play curse words in scrabble. She turns red when she feels emotional, as do I. She says phrases like “drinkin and druggin” in reference to crazy drivers. She is the person with whom I spent 10+ years of my life at 7:00AM in the morning listening to Paul Harvey asking if I brushed my teeth. She forever calls Reese’s “ree-see”. We have been through very good and very bad together, probably more than a parent or child should have to go through…. I could go on all day, y’all this lady is a treasure, in many ways.


But, the most precious thing of all is that my mother has a part of her mother in her. And as life would have it, I see how I am more like the both of them every single day – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.