I am not sure what the trend is with articles written over such controversial topics. I recently read an article on Elite Daily, which I typically enjoy reading. However, this article was so erroneous – I was livid. I immediately shared with the editor that I thought the article was not only horribly written, but incorrect, and offensive to women. The article was taken down as quickly as it was posted. But I still was so disappointed with the magazine for even publishing such a horrible piece. I promise I am not going to quote vagina monologues or say that women don’t need men, or something dramatic. But…with some encouragement from someone, I wrote a long blog about “sexual violence” and “rape culture” and how bogus this trend people are writing about is so far off. Granted, I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a man. After writing it I took a few days to let it sit in my mind, debating if it was something I would want to attach my name to… And – i deleted it. I am now however publishing my infamous list style blog, to refrain from a ton of paragraphs that most people would not finish, and people would somehow miss the point. So these are the things I know to be true about sexual violence, take it or leave it.

Most of these are in response to articles I have previously read.

Woman’s perspective.

1. Women do not desire to be “conquered”
2. If your guy friends high five you when you announce you slept with someone – you need new friends.
3. It is not our shame to carry, it’s his.
4. No – is a complete sentence
5. A rapist is not only a man seen hiding behind bushes at night; he could be the star of the football team.
6. We are not, and should never be “trophies”.
7. Rape is not about sex.
8. “If she doesn’t fight back, she wants it” Are you serious!?
9. “She never told the police, if it was that big of a deal she would have” 50-90% of rapes go unreported. Dummy.
10.  It is not an error in judgement on either party, it is a crime.
11. The way a woman dresses- yes it can influence the way a man sees her, but her booty shorts don’t condone YOUR actions.
12. Sorry, Tosh.O your rape jokes aren’t funny.
13.College campuses are not educated! They are ignorant, and with over 55 colleges and 27 states are currently under federal investigation for not taking action  – it’s safe to say they’d rather ignore it than do anything about it.
14. Male rape exists, and I guarantee you no man gets a high five sharing that one with his buddies.
15. Rape is reality, it is not only on SVU.
16. Supporting athletes who are accused or charged with rape and calling their victims career-destroyers are ridiculous.
17. Guys who use “rape”  casual conversation are idiots.. No you didn’t just rape that biology final..  Our colloquial use of the word “rape” speaks to a larger issue in our culture.
18. Politicians and administrators quoting “you can’t get pregnant from rape”… Seriously?
19. Misogynist music…Yes, I am going there. Have you ever listened to public rap stations? I love rap music but recently I realized what kind of ridiculous lyrics are in songs on the radio. I don’t mean a cuss word here or there, I mean sexually abusive lyrics. I won’t get explicit but the songs played are disgusting.
20. “I struggled with it myself for a long time but I came to realize that life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” Great GOP Candidate right?! God doesn’t intend rape dumbass.
21. There is a judgement that is assumed when a girl claims she is raped.. “did she lead him on” “she shouldn’t have let him in her house” Save your opinions and questions.
22. Brave women are not “feminists”.

I will quit venting, I could go on all day. And I know me writing this makes me apart of the “trendy rape culture writing”, and that is okay. Because everything I think, say, and do is my own. As for elite magazine, I am certain they will think about their audience before publishing some bs like they have in the past.