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Today I had a list day. I think that’s just how my brain organizes things. After a pleasant trip to pinnacle mtn, I sat down and wrote out things I needed to do, things stressing me out, and things I am grateful for. Somehow this always gets my attitude in check. We often miss the little things, but those are the best things sometimes.

precious dogs that are tail wagging excited to see me no matter the day or time.
running into sweet friends while checking the mail.
coworkers that are patient and clients who are precious.
seasons changing and cool nights.
music; and it’s ability to comfort any mood.
the stress relief of lifting weights.
places that feel like home.
givers; like the client who brought me a bag full of books and dvd’s.
books- and the brief vacation my mind takes reading.
notes on bathroom mirrors.
mail from friends. Something sweet about doing things old school.

Also, here is a little gem I found on my drive.