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About a year ago my first article was published. It wasn’t anything complex or educational – quite stupid actually. There is something unique about writing, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Almost like freedom in getting thoughts out on paper. I guess this is a way for me to empty my head, allowing more room for other things. At 26 and some change, I don’t actually have anything figured out – that in it’s self is opposite of what I thought a year ago. So for the sake of tradition – which i love- I will tell you what I know to be true at 26 years old.

1. Keep expectations low – standards high.
2. Education does not equal intelligence.
3. Loving and being in love are different things.
4. Hours spent with ones self can be hours well spent.
5. First impressions are crucial.
6. Every single person has something in them the world needs.
7. You can change yourself, but no one else.
8. Listening is often times more important than speaking.
9. Humor is a necessity.
10. Hangovers take more recovery time.
11. Happily living alone is something that can be done.
12. Age spots and surprise teenage acne really happen at the same time.
13. Don’t trust any feeling after 10 pm or before 8 am.
14. My soul must be soothed on a weekly basis.
15. Parents aging is a real life thing.
16. Saving dollars will pay off.
17. Exercise does more for my mind than my body.
18. Treasure routine – but take advantage of spontaneity once in a while.
19. Watching cops and eating cereal for dinner is still okay at 26.
20. A job that doesn’t mentally stimulate me is a waste of my time.
21. Honesty is the best policy.
22. You can’t choose the role you will play in another’s life.
23. Geriatrics are gems, and make my heart so full.
24. Life is a paradox. To appreciate good, you must know how bad feels.
25. Feeling everything deeply is in fact a blessing and a curse.
26. People often make bad decisions, love them anyway.
27. Feeling like a child is a rarity and should be cherished.
28. Drinking beer makes me chubby.
29. Organic Milk costs more but lasts much longer than regular.
30. Lip stick.. yes, lip stick is part of my life now.