Cliff Jump - scared of heights and scared of deep water so this would be a huge feat

Your ex or best friend got married-
This is one of those things you never talk about because intentions might be misinterpreted but it’s weird. I remember when my first real boyfriend got married – I was SO happy for him and think his wife is a treasure- it’s still weird. Weird in a sense of instantly questioning if you should be married.

You lose a best friend or two-
One of my best friends from college and I don’t really talk nor do we still have sleepovers. Woof. Adult life sometimes separates people you once thought you’d always be able to hangout with.

Quitting something you love-
I think a lot of us in our 20’s have given up things we used to really enjoy doing whether that’s playing guitar, or reading.. Life is busy now. I have to remind myself to slow down sometimes so I can still do some of the things I did in college that I love.

A budget is a real thing-
All 3 salaries I have lived on I have made ends meet, but always had those months where I wondered why I had no money. A budget is a thing of the present and it’s SO worth the time. I not only have bills paid but i know where each dollar goes and that feels nice.

You are what you eat-
I used to eat poptarts and hot pockets with a week full of wine or beer in college and still fit in my jeans no questions asked. I worked out because it was fun in college. Now, I have learned I can’t eat chik fil a like its about to close and not be thick. Not to mention mental clarity at work eating crap 3 meals a day plus alcohol on the reg doesn’t produce good work. So, I indulge when it’s necessary but I realize the gym and I will always be in a long term relationship.

The one who doesn’t like you back-
Maybe I am the only one. But until my 25 I always dated guys I liked and they liked me back. But as an adult – dating is quite different. I can honestly say though it’s quite humbling to not be liked back.

You felt old for the first time-
In the past year I have started getting gray hair. I don’t even know how I feel about it. Not to mention a 401k, and whether or not some trends are too young for me to pull off…and few other weird things I thought only “adults” did. Welcome to adulthood.

20’s are fun. 20’s are teaching me a lot.