I have been working a little this afternoon trying to compartmentalize the wealth of knowledge I attained in LA. I don’t think I have ever had a more inspirational work seminar. Attorneys, a lot of them, consider themselves Gods gift to humans – some almost as bad as doctors. But like everything else in the world there are good and there are bad. The presenter has been an attorney for 30+ years, and that was the least of his attributes. I really can appreciate a great speaker.

While on this trip I started and finished “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. I had recently seen the movie and the book was much better as always – but it was also very applicable and almost supplemental to the seminar I was attending.

I am certain as I venture through the materials I brought home and reflect on what I have learned – I will have plenty of lists coming in the future….

1. You will never know the life you didn’t choose.

2. Things that are irrevocable – are just that.

3. You have a choice for every single thing you do. Your life is only a compilation of your choices.

4. Start every single day with a positive affirmation. My motto has always been fake it till you make it – but I am learning that actually having a DAILY positive affirmation can really turn things around.

5. Your entire life is connected. Your health, wealth, career, priorities, friends, habits, hobbies…etc…

6. If you do things the same way you always have – you’ll always get the same result.

7. Sprinting towards the best version of yourself doesn’t mean you are accepting everything that has happened to you – it means you have learned to endure it.

8. You must train your mind to filter unnecessary thoughts.

9. Get a planner – and use it. Get organized on your time and prioritize how you use it.

10. Weigh indulgences – don’t eliminate them. Eat the macroon. Rewards regardless how large encourage growth.

Great to come across this at this point in time - "you don't have to explain what you plan to do with your life"