Literally the best.

” The best thing you could possibly do for yourself is simplify your world, and learn to love yourself; even if that means creating boundaries and making decisions that only feel best for you.”

One of my doctors said this to me at our last checkup…. This guy really could double for a therapist, which is really nice. But he is my regular md. and he is so so wise. When he said this to me- it didn’t really make sense?

Basically I had to reorganize his “advice” for it to make sense….

– simplify your world
-learn to love yourself
-create boundaries
-Make decisions based on what I feel

I did just this. I started simplifying as much as I could. I spent time with myself to see if I even liked myself. This sounds so strange, but for some people focusing on just themselves is really uncomfortable. It was for me for a long long time. I started slowly but I have created boundaries with people and things that stress me out. Some of these are really not easy for me to maintain – but it’s already helping. Lastly, I have tried to make 100% of the decisions I make in MY own best interest.

Try it. I feel like even in the past 5 weeks – – these things have happened just from a few tiny changes..

+I have been more focused and successful at work.
+I really look forward to and enjoy – ME time.
+I am excited about the future for the first time in a long time.
+More rational and realistic in my needs.
+I feel better. Things that used to make me stressed have a bit less impact on how I feel.

A lot of times in our elder planning meetings we discuss “good kind of selfish” and at 26 it was time I figured out what that meant. When a plane is crashing, do you help your loved ones  by putting on their mask first? If you care about them – you hurry and put yours on first so you can breathe while you help them put theirs on.

Makes sense.

AND now I am going to walk my dog in this weather. booyah.