"Freedom is not only referring to a *free body* itself, but as a free soul, heart, conscience and body"         -Ryan Denner:

I haven’t written in my free time in almost a year.. Hell I haven’t had free time in almost a year. I can’t believe its 2016, so much so that I still write 2015.

I have learned more in the last year than I probably want to acknowledge, but it’s nice to know each year I can reflect and I am headed further in the right direction each time I reflect.

This is what 2015 taught me..

Relationships change, and that just is what it is.
It’s okay to like something- even if its Justin Bieber’s new cd.
Being happy, truly happy, matters a lot.
You cannot expect anything from anyone; humans are humans.
Compromise is important, but above all communication is key.
Love can be ugly, but that’s exactly why its love *for good or bad.
Family changes, and that sucks.
Saying what you mean and meaning what you say are A LOT.
The thought of not being an attorney someday makes me sick to my stomach.
Getting dental work done is stressful, but 3 times a day it’s worth it.
Trust is hard to regain, and better never lost.
Grace is hard. It’s not pretty but it must be given unconditionally.
I love my job. I love elders and have found my purpose.
Health is important, and a diagnosis is only words on paper and its sometimes wrong. What you do about it is all that matters.
I hate unloading the dishwasher.
Deciphering what I have been taught to believe and what I believe is a sometimes hard.
Best friends – no matter how far away- are SO vital.
I’ve learned to be who I needed when I was younger, in many ways.
I need sleep to function, and making it a priority is better for everyone.
I often think I know everything, and I don’t.
A happy home life, is a successful and more focus work life.
Criminal law makes my skin crawl as a profession but its great for tv.
The LSAT also makes my skin crawl.

It may be into 2017 before I have a chance to sit down and evaluate my life again. But that is okay too.